Geologic Science. Applied to Buildings.

Darcy Solutions is pioneering development of geology and mechanical applications to put Geothermal Everywhere.

Geologic Science. Applied to Buildings.​

Darcy Solutions is pioneering development of geology and mechanical applications to put Geothermal Everywhere.​

From Idea to Innovation

Circa 2010 in Northern Minnesota during hydrogeology study workshops, a team of scientists from the University of Minnesota noticed the impact that groundwater flow can have on geothermal projects. The presence of groundwater alters the thermal capacity of a given installation and required thoughtful design to operate effectively within the unique geology of the area, which few understood or used in design.

That learning compelled them to investigate the potential to maximize groundwater to provide thermal energy to buildings and decarbonize their operations. At the University of Minnesota this idea was iterated and improved over time to become the Darcy System, an innovative groundwater-based heat exchanger optimized specifically for the geology of the project site.

The company is focused on applying the science behind hydrogeology to materially improve the health of our communities and planet by deploying geothermal everywhere.

World-Class Geothermal


Darcy projects all require site specific analysis of the unique geologic characteristics of the area to design, build, and operate a new system. Our team executes in depth geologic research in design and project delivery to optimize thermal capacity and energy efficiency.



Every project design incorporates site geology analysis, thermal capacity requirements, building side equipment designs, and thermal occupancy requirements. Darcy technology can be used in new construction, retrofits, singular buildings, district systems, and pairs with all kinds of applied mechanical equipment.


Darcy oversees the construction management of all our projects. Construction can be executed in coordination with any other scopes of work for a new or existing building project. Field Geologists are on site during construction activities to ensure precise placement of equipment and record sample lithology.


Water well and equipment commissioning is managed by the Darcy Team prior to the certificate of occupancy or project completion and included as part of system design and proposals.

 O&M services

Each system includes sensors to monitor and provide system analytics for performance. The company is developing a data platform solution for continual monitoring, operations, and maintenance suggestions in the future.

Geology Expertise in Project Development

Our team is focused on expanding scientific understanding of geologic conditions and their impact on geothermal projects. Darcy Solutions is rapidly expanding and seeking talented individuals with geology, engineering, and construction backgrounds.


Dan King, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Alexander

Chief Geologist

Sue Magdalene, PhD

Senior Staff Geologist

Alex Senjem

Staff Geologist

System Design

Spencer Ingaldson

Chief Development Officer

Ryan Martin-Wagar

Vice President of Engineering

Mike Lavoie

Director of Systems Engineering

Garner Kohrell

Systems Modeling Manager

Construction Management

Andrew Steiner

Chief Operations Officer

Jamal Ghauri, PE

Preconstruction Manager

Casy Fath

Director of Construction

Jack Henrich

Director of Drilling Operations

Other Leadership

Brian Larson

CoFounder and Chief Executive Officer 

Kathy Jennings

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

William Miley

Regulatory Director

Robert Ed

Director of Marketing and Strategy

Geothermal Everywhere

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